That One Time We Basically Met Jimmy Fallon

Please tell me that there are others out there who love Jimmy Fallon as much as I do?! I mean, he’s just the best. I may or may not have dressed up as “Sara with no H” for Halloween once… And did I mention that my biggest claim to fame is that he once read one of my tweets on his show? Yeah, me and Jimmy are practically BFF’s.

Ok, but if you’re like us and love Jimmy, seeing The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, just might be on your bucket list. Let me tell you, if it’s not, it should be!

The good thing about Jimmy’s show is that it isn’t impossible to get tickets. *Cough, Ellen, cough* It is difficult, but possible. You can check out a basic rundown of this information on his site, but the key is following @FallonTix on Twitter. Here, he tweets to let you know when tickets will be available and you have to be ready to go THE SECOND the clock strikes, because they are gone within minutes. Like two minutes.

We knew we were going to be on the East Coast in October of 2015 and since we would at least be in the vicinity of New York City, we decided to try for tickets. In August or September, they released the tickets for the October tapings. There were three of us going on the trip, and we were all three stationed by a computer when the calendar went live to choose your dates. Unfortunately, in the moment, two of us were placed on a waiting list and one of us was just straight up rejected. Sorry, Linds.

Obviously, we were able to get into the taping. We got an email about three weeks before our trip that we were no longer on the waiting list and would be able to attend. We re-routed our New England road trip plans a bit to accommodate our day with Jimmy.

After arriving to the Big Apple, we headed straight to Rockefeller Center after strolling through Central Park and stopping by the MET. We had to be there by 2:30pm and the taping wasn’t until around 5pm, so a lot of waiting was involved. It wasn’t too bad because everyone is just as excited as you are to be there and hang out with Jimmy Fallon. I mean, come on. Eventually we went through security (don’t bring anything, by the way. Purses are ok, but definitely no backpacks. I just walked in with my cell phone in my pocket). As we passed through, they asked us a couple questions and gave us a wristband with a number on it. Next, we sat in a lounge area with constant clips of the show playing and interns were coming around to take our picture (because by this point, cell phones, especially photos, were not allowed and they threatened to kick you out, so we didn’t dare snap a pic).

They then took us into the studio and assigned us seats. We must have done something right, because we ended up on the fourth row, middle section, on the end. We were close, with a perfect view of the stage, and we even got a fist bump from Jimmy at the end of the show!

The show itself was awesome. They tape in real time, so it was fast paced and things occurred in the order that they do on the show. Our guests included Mike Tyson (seriously, such a strange dude), David Spade (pretty funny), and then the 4 Voice coaches at the time–Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton, Pharrell Williams and Adam Levine. Blake performed after they all played a game together, and Lindsey and I are convinced that we were the only ones in the audience dancing and having a good time. Then again, what else is new!? 😉 One of the coolest parts of the day was when Jimmy came into the crowd during the commercial breaks and just chatted with audience members, answered questions, talked about some experiences he’s had and just got real with us. (I seriously regret that I didn’t bring a picture of my halloween costume to show him.) We all left there feeling like he was our friend. It was so fun to see what went on behind the scenes, and to watch the show the next day to see what ended up on the cutting room floor. Not to mention that Jordan was basically stole the show in the closing credits. The cameraman must have had a thing for him.

All in all, I would recommend this experience to anyone who even sort of likes Jimmy Fallon. It does take almost a whole day from a New York trip, but it’s so fun and we thought it was totally worth it! Naturally we had to buy a t-shirt to commemorate our experience!

Do you love Jimmy Fallon? What is your favorite sketch of his? Is going to his show on your bucket list?

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