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Daily Archives: June 14, 2017

Delta AmEx Card Offering 60,000 Bonus Miles

We ALWAYS want to share the our top tricks for great travel, and there are some amazing credit card bonuses happening right now.

Delta and American Express have an awesome deal going on. If you sign up for for the Delta SkyMiles Credit Card, you will earn 60,000 bonus miles, which is the highest we’ve ever seen!

We both have the Delta SkyMiles card and we love to fly Delta. They waive the annual fee ($95) the first year, but we have actually kept this one for a few years. If you often fly with bags, the annual fee pays for itself in two flights! If you want to avoid the fee altogether, you can cancel before your year mark and you won’t lose your points.

If you’re unsure if this is a good deal or right for you, here’s an idea of what 60,000 points could get you: You could snag a free roundtrip flight to London, Paris, Amsterdam, etc. If international travel isn’t your thing, you could knab TWO free RT domestic flights, with some miles left over for more!

We know that not everyone loves credit cards and that’s ok, but we also know that there is SO MUCH free travel out there with credit card points! So our suggestion is: ditch that debit card for a few months, use your credit card for EVERYTHING and then enjoy an awesome vacation for much much less!

Click here to apply for the Delta SkyMiles card.

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