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Hey guys! Lindsey here! I recently went on a trip to South East Asia and it was one of the most amazing experiences ever! Overall we visited, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia. I have had the most requests to do a blog post about Bali, so I’m going to write about our trip there first! I seriously loved everywhere we went.

We arrived in Bali really late after a pretty terrible travel day (which I will have to tell you about later) and it was like arriving in heaven. We stayed at the most amazing Airbnb in Balian Beach for the first 3 days in Bali. If you’re planning on visiting Bali, I HIGHLY recommend trying to stay here. One of the greatest perks of this Airbnb is they can arrange for you to have a driver, which for us arriving in a place we didn’t know super late at night was crucial. We felt safe and we knew our driver would take us where we needed to go. We ended up having several drivers arranged at this particular Airbnb and we loved all of them. The Airbnb also included a chef which made a delicious free breakfast every day and was available to make lunch or dinner for a pretty fair price. The food was always delicious and we were able to get a taste of Indonesian food! They also were able to arrange tours and massages for us. Everything was seamless! I’ll stop going off about this amazing place, if you can’t tell, I loved it.

Like I said earlier, our first Airbnb was located in Balian Beach. Balian Beach isn’t as much of a touristy place as other places in Bali like Ubud. That was one of the reasons we LOVED it. It didn’t feel as crowded and a lot of the places we visited weren’t full of tourists.

Our first day in Bali after a delicious Breakfast at our Airbnb we headed out to visit some temples. On our way to the temples we passed a lot of amazing Rice Paddies that were so beautiful, it was unlike anything I had ever seen. One of my friends that was with me rode his scooter everywhere and he said it was so cool, although if you’re not experienced in this area, I wouldn’t recommend it.  One thing you’ll need if you visit Southeast Asia is a Sarong. A lot of temples have them for purchase at the front, but some of them don’t, and if they do have them they’re usually more expensive. I would recommend borrowing one from the place you’re staying if they have access to one (that’s what we did) or if you want a nice souvenir, buy one from a market and they’re usually more affordable than in front of the temples.

The first temple we visited was a Hindu Temple called the Mekori Temple in Tabanan. This temple has a few unique qualities. It is surrounded by forest which isn’t super common, but was super awesome because that meant it also had monkeys all over the place. They were super fun to see. Another unique part of this temple is that nobody really knows when it was built or how long it’s been standing. All we know is that it is ancient and surrounded by gorgeous large trees. This temple isn’t as famous as a lot of temples in Bali, but that was one of the reasons it was so great. We were the only people at the time and it was very peaceful. When you walked into the Mekori temple you say a prayer and then you wet your fingers with holy water and put rice on your forehead to signify you’ve prayed. A lot of temples will be super busy with tourists everywhere, because we were alone, it was a very special experience. The temple did require a donation to enter, so have cash ready just in case.

After the Hindu temple we went and got some lunch in Tabanan at a place called Warung Tepi Sawah. This restaurant was absolutely adorable and situated on some rice paddies. They had a main dining area or tables down the hill by themselves looking over the rice paddies. It was absolutely gorgeous and it was delicious too! We loved the juice here and we each got 2, because why not! The boys I was with tried their avocado chocolate smoothie too and they loved it. One of the best parts about Bali is the food is pretty inexpensive so you got A LOT of bang for your buck.

After lunch we drove to a Buddhist Temple called Vihara Dharama Giri. It was so amazing and so many intricate details and grand statues. One in particular was of a giant sleeping Buddha that was amazing. The entrance is free here, but again a donation is encouraged. There are sarongs offered here if you don’t have your own with you.

After the Buddhist temple we headed to hike Blahmantung Waterfall. We were lucky enough have a driver with us for the day that acted as our guide and took us to the waterfall. If you can’t have a guide and need to find it on your own, your best bet would be to ask some locals for help. It’s a beautiful drive down to the trail head, and then once you start the hike it’s pretty amazing. It’s not too difficult and you get to walk through fields of mandarine, coffee, banana, papaya, coconut and cacao trees growing. It was so awesome! There’s a pool at the bottom of the waterfall if you want to swim, but I would recommend bringing some water shoes so you don’t hurt your feet on the rocks!

That night we returned to our Airbnb to a delicious dinner and dessert as well as some amazing massages! We had no shortage of relaxation on this trip because massages were so affordable! It was glorious.

The next day we went snorkeling. I have been snorkeling several times in my life and this was by far the best experience I have ever had. The Airbnb booked a tour for us but we went to snorkel close to Menjangan Island, which was surreal riding past in the boat. They do a lot of scuba diving out there too if that’s your thing! It was SO cool to see the temples out on the cliff. The water was the perfect temperature and it was super clear. We saw so many colorful fish. It was magical. You NEED to snorkel if you go to Bali.

We had a pretty long drive home that day but of course we ended our day with a delicious dinner and massages again. We couldn’t resist.

The next day we woke up and at one last glorious breakfast at our Airbnb and headed to a Villa in Ubud to stay for our last night in Bali. We LOVED the Airbnb we stayed here too! We were just blown away by Bali.
This place also included breakfast and they had a delicious snack waiting for us when we got there.

We really wanted to fit in as much as we could while we were in Ubud so we visited a few different temples after we got settled at our Airbnb. We had another driver booked through our Airbnb and I have to tell you, the drivers here made all the difference. They knew the area and knew where we should go. It was the best way to get around Bali for sure.

The first temple we visited was a Hindu temple called Gunung Kawi Temple. This place was super cool. You have to walk through a lot of shops and down a lot of stairs that were also lined with shops (picture Ensenada vibes) to get to the Temple. Prepare for a lot of people approaching you to buy things, but also if you want to get souvenirs this wouldn’t be a bad place. They also have sarongs available to buy here if you didn’t bring one. We tried to avoid eating a lot food from shops or on the street to avoid getting sick, but they did have a lot of food options here. The temple was gorgeous and very old and covered in Moss. There was a beautiful river and lush trees everywhere. It wasn’t a site I expected from Bali, but it sure was gorgeous!

The next temple we visited is called Tirta Empul Temple and is built around a holy water spring. It was such a cool place and had very busy atmosphere. Our driver told us that a lot of people would visit this temple before major life events for good luck, or if they had a bad dream, they would come to this temple to partake of the water to make sure their bad dreams wouldn’t come true. It was very interesting to see.

The last place we visited was called Goa Gajah, a large elephant cave in Bali that dates back to the 11th Century! I believe it’s one of the oldest temples in Bali. This place was SO cool to see. This temple actually did require a ticket to get in. You walk down stairs to the main elephant cave temple and then after you can walk down more stairs to visit the Buddhist temple that’s down from the elephant temple. This was one of the most gorgeous places I have ever been. I just kept saying “wow!” over and over again. Definitely visit here if you’re planning a trip to Bali.

The next day we woke up and (surprise, surprise) got another massage after a delicious breakfast. Breakfast was for sure my favorite meal in Bali, mostly because I loved all of the fresh fruit. Later we decided we wanted to go see the main rice paddies in the Ubud. We took a drive to the rice paddies and stopped for lunch before we went and explored. For lunch we went to a place called D’Alas that had authentic Balinese food and was situated on top of a beautiful rice paddy! The food was so good here and we loved the atmosphere.

After that we went to a giant swing that looked over some rice paddies. There are a lot of popular swings in Bali but this one was part of a coffee shop and plantation. We don’t drink coffee, so we can’t tell you if that was good or bad, but the swing was awesome! It wasn’t very busy either which was awesome. Then we went and walked around some of the rice paddies in Tegallalang. It’s all so amazing!

Our last and final stop in Bali was to the sacred Monkey Forest. This place definitely lived up to all the hype. It was incredible. There were monkeys everywhere prancing around sacred temples and statues. It wasn’t like anything I’ve ever seen. If you visit here, definitely don’t bring food or distracting objects, we did see several people getting slightly attacked by monkeys that brought in food. It was kind of hysterical, but also, slightly scary. So, use your common sense here and you will be just fine. The monkeys were so adorable and the surroundings were beautiful. Definitely a must see in Ubud.

All in all, I HIGHLY recommend you make Bali a place you visit in your life. It was pretty life changing and amazing to see and experience the landscape, culture, and the people. Visit Bali and let me know how it goes!

Delta AmEx Card Offering 60,000 Bonus Miles

We ALWAYS want to share the our top tricks for great travel, and there are some amazing credit card bonuses happening right now.

Delta and American Express have an awesome deal going on. If you sign up for for the Delta SkyMiles Credit Card, you will earn 60,000 bonus miles, which is the highest we’ve ever seen!

We both have the Delta SkyMiles card and we love to fly Delta. They waive the annual fee ($95) the first year, but we have actually kept this one for a few years. If you often fly with bags, the annual fee pays for itself in two flights! If you want to avoid the fee altogether, you can cancel before your year mark and you won’t lose your points.

If you’re unsure if this is a good deal or right for you, here’s an idea of what 60,000 points could get you: You could snag a free roundtrip flight to London, Paris, Amsterdam, etc. If international travel isn’t your thing, you could knab TWO free RT domestic flights, with some miles left over for more!

We know that not everyone loves credit cards and that’s ok, but we also know that there is SO MUCH free travel out there with credit card points! So our suggestion is: ditch that debit card for a few months, use your credit card for EVERYTHING and then enjoy an awesome vacation for much much less!

Click here to apply for the Delta SkyMiles card.

If you have any questions for us, leave a comment below!

Hiking Observation Point in Zion National Park

If you’re headed to Zion National Park anytime soon and trying to decide which hike you should do Observation Point might just be the perfect one!

Here’s why:

It’s pretty. I highly doubt there is an ugly hike in Zion because the whole park is pretty breathtaking, but this hike has some awesome views.

It’s not too difficult. Is it easy? No. Did we take a lot of breaks? Yes. I think this one is technically labeled as strenuous, but overall, it’s really not too bad. It took us about three hours to hike up, we hung out at the top for a good 30 minutes, and we were finished with the whole thing in about four and a half hours. It was just the right amount of difficult.

It’s not crowded. Yes, we passed (and were passed) by a decent number of people on the hike, but we never really had to stop and wait for oncoming traffic if you know what I mean. Other hikes in Zion can be SO crowded, so it was nice to be able to enjoy the trail without too many interruptions.

It’s fun! We were looking for a fun hike that was a good workout and Observation Point fit the bill. We got to see a little bit of everything on this hike and it had an awesome payout at the end.

Don’t Forget:
-Wear sunscreen
-Bring snacks
-Bring lots of water*

*By lots of water, I mean bring more than you think. We ran out of water basically at the top (mind you it was 90+ degrees the day we hiked) and it was a LONG WAY DOWN. Let’s just say by the time I was able to fill up my bottle back at the visitor’s center, I was about to bite someone’s head off.? I’ve never been so thirsty in my life.

If you have hiked Observation Point, or plan on hiking it in the future, let us know in the comments!

The Ultimate New England Fall Road Trip You Need to Plan Now

One of our favorite trips to date is a road trip through New England during the fall. If you don’t want to feel like you’re living in a postcard for a week, stop reading now, this post isn’t for you.

There isn’t a right or wrong way to plan a road trip but we recommend using the website Roadtrippers! From there it will help you decide what route is best and what places you shouldn’t be missing!
Here’s the route we took:START: Portland, Maine
1. Acadia National Park
2. Plymouth, New Hampshire
3. Sharon, Vermont
4. Grafton, New Hampshire
5. New York City, New York
6. New Haven, Connecticut
7. Boston, Massachusetts
8. Salem, Massachusetts
END: Portland Maine

Now, rent a comfortable road trip car, buy some treats, and follow along with us on the trip of your life.

Our flight landed in Portland, Maine and we didn’t skip a beat. Right after we picked up our rental car we drove straight to Portland Headlight, followed by a quick trip to a bakery for a gingerbread man. Did we mention we are driving in the FALL and everything is beautiful and there are halloween decorations everywhere?! Already we were under the spell of the New England Autumn.

We woke up the next morning and headed straight for Acadia National Park.

ACADIA. ACADIA. ACADIA. If the road trip just isn’t an option, please at least go here!

Everywhere we looked it was a postcard. It was incredible. So many bright colors.

So. Many. Selfies.

Lindsey has gotten a little TOO good at taking pictures out the car window.

That night we did something that we will never forget. We rented an AirBNB for the night at a LIFE-SIZE DOLL HOUSE. It didn’t really help that it was Halloween time and it felt slightly haunted when we arrived, but we LOVED it. Just in case you wanted our sleep deprived tour, we included our video! haha Please know we usually act like grown ups and not like we do in this video. And by usually, I mean like AT LEAST 30% of the time.


The next day was a Sunday, so we started off our day with Church followed by a visit to Sharon Vermont. It was absolutely beautiful!

After Sharon, we went to a nearby town to explore and to get some ice cream (obviously). There are the cutest churches and houses all over, we couldn’t stop taking photos of all of them.

Next Stop: NEW YORK CITY! We were lucky enough to score some tickets to Jimmy Fallon before this so that was our first stop of the day. We were so excited. We got a fist bump from THE Jimmy himself. So, we are basically besties. The rest of the day we explored our usual places of this city we love and obviously had to make a stop at Magnolia’s for their banana pudding and Serendipity because ice cream always. Is it cold outside? Doesn’t matter. If there is a good ice cream, we will find it.

The next day we headed to Boston but stopped in Connecticut for lunch. Lindsey loves cheesy jokes so obviously had to snapchat this sign.
Boston was so awesome. Everybody told us we had to start with the Freedom Trail. So that’s definitely what we did. We then had to get dinner in Little Italy because Lindsey loves Italian and you just can’t go to Boston without partaking! We finished our night off with a mandatory stop at Mike’s Pastry. We actually liked the cupcake better than the cannoli, so sue us!

The next morning we made a quick stop to see the Boston Temple before heading to our last stop: SALEM!

Our last stop was probably one of the highlights of the trip. Because it was halloween time, Salem was filled with fun people who may or may not have believed they were actually witches. We explored the town, saw pretty houses, went to some witch museums, visited A LOT of cemeteries, reenacted a couple of Hocus Pocus scenes, and of course partook in some local flavor (ahem Apple Cider DONUTS).

We were so sad when this trip had to end. This is for sure one of our favorite trips we have ever done. Please don’t hesitate and take a road trip through New England yourself. You will NOT be disappointed.

What are some other amazing road trips you have taken? Should we add one to our list?!

How to Stay in Marriott Hotels for Free

The view from the balcony at Pier South Resort, Autograph Collection in San Diego, California.

On our most recent trip to Europe, we only paid for about 4 of 11 nights. Our secret? The Marriott Rewards credit card.

Credit cards with awesome bonuses can cut the cost on any trip! When you sign up for the card, you will need to spend $3,000 in the first three months in order to get the bonus points, but I promise it’s worth it. The bonus right now is 80,000 points, and if you play your cards right, that could get you up to 8 free nights at Marriott Hotels!

We used several of our free nights in Europe. There’s nothing better than not having to pay a dime to stay in a nice hotel while traveling.

Other perks of the Marriott card include Silver Elite status and a free night stay every year on your card anniversary!

If you’d like to apply for a Marriott Rewards card, apply here.

Suite at the Pier South Resort, Autograph Collection in San Diego, California.